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Creative Non-Fiction

A Lesson in Kissing the Wrong Boys

 A lesson in kissing the wrong boys first, for Marie Claire Real Lives The Party of a Lifetime column, December 2016. “OF course I’ve done that. I was married, remember?” Thami* said, slow American-textured drawl [...]

Trust in Travel

Trust in Travel – What You Fear May be What They Fear While travelling the backroads, cities and towns of South Africa on an extended project, Ishay Govender soon learns that the trust in travel [...]

Going Home for the Holidays

The Sweet Joy & Pain of Going Home for the Holidays Going back home for the holidays may bring you back to your childhood days.  Reflections on the things that don’t change, and the things that [...]

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How Durban, My Hometown, Made Me Who I Am

A Love Letter to Durban, city of my birth - South Africa  Durban, my hometown - the love I have for the city that made me who I am today. Durban ("Durbs") will forever live [...]

Going Back There – Reflections on Home

Going Back There - Reflections on Home for Visi Magazine celebrating my husband's birthday with my parents in their home Ishay Govender reflects on her childhood home, the changes that make visiting difficult [...]

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