Eaten – Blue Cheese Blues

Featured in Panorama Sunday Magazine - 9 October 2016 Welcome to our new weekly Sunday Magazine. Each Sunday, we’ll bring you selected works from around the world, from travel poetry to fiction to photography. This week, we begin with our new series, Eaten, which pairs travel with gastronomy, in an essay by South African writer [...]

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A Lesson in Kissing the Wrong Boys

 A lesson in kissing the wrong boys first, for Marie Claire Real Lives The Party of a Lifetime column, December 2016. “OF course I’ve done that. I was married, remember?” Thami* said, slow American-textured drawl and the span of his shoulders on a six-foot frame filling the living room. There was an audible crackle of [...]

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Bloemfontein Blues

Bloemfontein Blues - A trip down memory lane Retracing my university days in the university town. For Mail & Guardian, July 2016. A decade can fall between the cracks, as effortless as an autumn leaf floating to its unremarkable end in the backyard. Those are the more than 10 years between Bloemfontein and I. I [...]

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Going Home for the Holidays

The Sweet Joy & Pain of Going Home for the Holidays Going back home for the holidays may bring you back to your childhood days.  Reflections on the things that don’t change, and the things that do. For Bright Rock Change Exchange, 20 Jan 2016 with my parents Crocodile tears. I think it was [...]

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How Durban, My Hometown, Made Me Who I Am

A Love Letter to Durban, city of my birth - South Africa  Durban, my hometown - the love I have for the city that made me who I am today. Durban ("Durbs") will forever live in my heart. For AFK Travel, 15 Dec 2015.  From the chilly west coast of South Africa, I find myself looking [...]

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Why we Climb

Why we Climb. On Hiking Mount Giewont, in Zakopane, Poland, spied through trees. Posted on Instagram Why we Climb For some, it is solitude they seek on the mountain trek.Peace is carved on the twisting climbs,Focus is honed in monitoring every potentially fatal step. For me, it is survival in spite of self:To combat headstrong [...]

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Going Back There – Reflections on Home

Going Back There - Reflections on Home for Visi Magazine celebrating my husband's birthday with my parents in their home Ishay Govender-Ypma reflects on her childhood home, the changes that make visiting difficult and the constant pull to return. (Visi Magazine asked me to contribute a column on "home". A version of this [...]

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Hello, Durban! 16 in the City

Hello, Durban. Let's #MeetSouthAfrica I am so proud to have been selected to represent the South African blogger team on the #MeetSouthAfrica campaign this May, along with 14 other bloggers. It was so good to reunite with friends I worked with in Mauritius on the #MyMauritius campaign last year, and to make new friendships too. [...]

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