Pursuit of Perfection with chef Gaggan Anand, written by Ishay Govender for Singapore Airlines Priority Magazine, 22 April 2018.

In response to his intention to close Gaggan for good in 2020, Anand insists it’s best to “finish at your peak.” Passionate about the technique and produce of Japan, Anand, and his friend and frequent collaborator, chef Takeshi Fukuyama, plan to establish a 12-seater restaurant, GohGan, in Fukuoka. The idea, he explains, is to split his time between GohGan and Bangkok where his family will remain.

While juggling Gaggan and a hectic travel schedule, Anand has been investing in the talent of his Bangkok-based staff and friends who run the restaurants Sühring, Gaa, Meatlicious and wine bar Wet. “Success can make you power-hungry,” Anand says, “But at my restaurants, everyone is treated like a V.I.P” Bottom of Form

My Perfect Meal

I love anything with noodles to slurp, like rice vermicelli with spicy crab curry. Kua Kling Pak Sod is a family-run chain and their grandmother makes family-style southern Thai food. I take everyone here.


My perfect holiday hideaway

The small, peaceful hot spring resort called Yufuin in Kyushu, Japan. It’s located in a valley surrounded by a river and mountains.


The perfect band to watch playing live

Hands down the Foo Fighters- I watched them live in Bangkok in August 2017.

The perfect market

I visit Bangkok’s Or Tor Kor market for fresh spice pastes, coconut milk and the vendor food. It’s huge but clean and still very local.

Kamphaengphet Road

The perfect hobby

I started as a drummer and wanted to play in a rock band. So I find myself drumming – it’s great for releasing stress when you’re upset or need to solve a problem.