Mumbai Street Food Guide

Mumbai Street Food Guide – Snacks & the City A diverse ethnic and cultural spread gives Mumbai its unique flavour. While the culinary trend is a growing high-end offering, Ishay Govender-Ypma got to grips with the city’s popular street food fare. For Etihad inflight mag Jan 2015  On the Road Gingerly, I step forward and [...]

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Mumbai City Food Guide

Mumbai City Food Guide - a Selection of my Favourites snacks in Nariman Point Mumbai is, as author Suketu Mehta points out, a “maximum city”. The same applies to the taste profile from street food to international fine dining: bold, varied, endless, exacting, with an emphasis on maximum flavor. This Mumbai City Food Guide [...]

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Street Food Soweto Style

Street Food Soweto Style - with I See a Different You For SAA Mango Juice Inflight April 2014 Scroll down for page 2 Exploring Soweto for the finest street and traditional foods, in the company of local creatives I See a Different You, Ishay Govender-Ypma gets a taste for Johannesburg. Unless you are [...]

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Revival of Interest in South African Township Food

Revival of Interest in South African Township Food - Kasi Cuisine For SAA  Sawubona February 2014 With the emergence of a greater street food presence in South African towns and cities, a spotlight has been shone on the original foods of the townships, ‘kasi’ or ‘loxion’ food. Tourists, local and foreign are flocking back to [...]

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Mauritius Street Food – reminder of a Durban Childhood

Mauritius Street Food Pickle vendor outside Waterfront, Port Louis - Reminders of a Durban Childhood         (this article appeared in the Sunday Times Extra 12 Jan 2014) Ripe pineapples, dipped in chilli powder and salt, threaded on wooden skewers and sold along the Durban beachfront, remind me of my childhood [...]

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The State of Cape Town Street Food

In line with the trends in cities in the U.S and U.K, a proliferation of smartly designed food trucks have appeared across Cape Town, and street food, normally in abundance in the townships, has made a slow crawl into urban areas. I investigate the state of street food across the city.

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Hanoi Food Guide – a taste of North Vietnam

What to eat in Hanoi Hanoi Food Guide - what to eat on a first visit and the street foods I enjoyed best. Prepared for Fine Dining Lovers My very first impression of Vietnam is of Hanoi, after three arduous connecting flights. It is 7 30 am and the locals are commuting, as are we, [...]

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