Food Bloggers Join the W.F.P to Feed Back

Some of my food writer friends from around the world, got together with me and hosted meals to raise awareness about hunger and educate readers and friends about what we can do. All proceeds raised went to the World Food Programme's Wefeedback programme that feeds children in schools in the world's most poverty sticken areas. Together we raised enough to feed 5452 children! Please join us and feel free to ask me how you can participate in hosting your own Wefeedback meal.

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WeFeedback – Show us your Fridges

I share why I refuse to shut out the realities that we don't want to acknowledge such as a world that can not read and one that goes to sleep starving. Have a look at some of the pics of fridges from our foodista friends, submitted for WeFeedback's "how many kids can we feed" project. Add your voice to make a difference.

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