Ballotine of Chicken Breast, filled with Basil Pesto & Topped with Olive Tapenade and Bread Crumbs

A ballotine is traditionally a deboned leg of chicken or duck, stuffed, tied and rolled and steamed, poached or baked. Nowadays chicken breast and various cuts of red meat are also used to make a ballotine - really a fancy way of saying a stuffed and rolled piece of meat. I stuffed chicken breasts with Mediterranean Delicacies basil pesto and topped with their Olive Tapenade and bread crumbs.

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Marinated Octopus Salad with Grilled Aubergine, Tahini & Mint

I was given the challenge of preparing dishes with combinations chosen by Medi Deli - in this case their little pack of marinated octopus salad with their tahini paste. I decided to keep the octopus in a salad and combine it with salad leaves, grilled aubergine, mint and tahini (the last three ingredients are such willing partners as it is). Food and the Fabulous endorsed project and news of travel to Monaco today.

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