Festival Food – Chowing at SA’s Hottest Festivals

Festival Food The beats are rocking; your best mates are dancing close to you dressed in equally outrageous outfits. The mutual consensus is that you are all ravenous.  Festival food - what can you expect? Long gone are the days of lurid pink viennas...This article appeared in SAA Mango Juice magazine, October 2014. It’s three [...]

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Hot Sauce: yesterday, and today

Hot Sauce: yesterday, and today. The Sauces Rocking our Plates Right Now Send her the Tabasco When I look back on it, nothing could adequately have prepared me. At the age of 17, I left the snug-safety of my mother’s aromatic Indian kitchen and hurtled into the unknown world of well-worn communal tables and the [...]

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The Problem with the Honey Bees

The Problem with the Honey Bees  - CCD in South Africa Around the world, the number of bees has dropped dramatically in recent years. Vital pollinators of many of our fruits and vegetables, beekeepers and farmers are on red alert. What are the reasons behind this sudden change? Ishay Govender-Ypma investigates the probelm(s) with the honey [...]

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Banting Banter – Where’s the Bread

Banting Banter     An introduction to Banting: Is there room for bread? Banting and the Tim Noakes diet have been the talk of almost every dinner party and social gathering I’ve attended in the last few months. A number of friends and Twitter followers have confirmed that this has been their experience too. Many [...]

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South African Olive Oil

South African Olive Oil South African Olive oil and table olives have earned their place with the world’s best. Public awareness and increasing demand means more farms are offering tastings, pairings and workshops. For SAA Mango Juice, June 2014. There is something very stately about an olive tree. The gnarled, twisted trunk and silvery-green branches [...]

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Entomophagy – Insects as Food

Entomophagy – Insects as Food and the Future Entomophagy is the widely popular practice of eating insects. When viewed from a nutritional and environmentally sustainable perspective, many leading scientists predict entomophagy to be the next big food trend. Ishay Govender-Ypma investigates entomophagy – insects as food and the future.  For SAA Mango Juice, May 2014 [...]

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Street Food Soweto Style

Street Food Soweto Style - with I See a Different You For SAA Mango Juice Inflight April 2014 Scroll down for page 2 Exploring Soweto for the finest street and traditional foods, in the company of local creatives I See a Different You, Ishay Govender-Ypma gets a taste for Johannesburg. Unless you are [...]

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Food Foraging in South Africa

Food Foraging in South Africa Published by Mango Juice Inflight February 2014 Exploring the mulch-rich forest beds under the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountains at Delheim estate in Stellenbosch, visitors are led on a mushroom hunt with local experts. Foraging for food, edible plants specifically, is an exciting and growing pursuit in the rural and [...]

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South African Braai Tales – from ghellie to gourmet

South African Braai Tales – from ghellie to gourmet  This piece was written for Mango Juice inflight magazine December 2013 Sunshine in South Africa calls for outdoor pursuits and the beloved tradition of braaiing has been declared a national pastime. We explore the local love of meat-on-coals and give you tips on braaing cuts you [...]

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Is it Halaal? Are we adequately catering for the market in South Africa?

Is it Halaal? The Gap in the South African Restaurant Market This piece was written for Mango Juice Inflight magazine, November 2013 Notes: this is a complex, multi-layered issue that I investigated over two months. The piece is not meant to be technical and needed to be brief. The more academically accepted spelling halaal is used, though [...]

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