Deep-Fried Green Bananas with Green Chilli & Tamarind Dipping Sauce

When I was a child living in KwaZulu Natal, spicy battered deep-fried green bananas, or plantain when we could get it, was a delicacy we loved even more than fried chips. Here's a recipe for this dish served with a green chilli tamarind dipping sauce.

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Spiced Okra with Tomato

The trick, I think is to cook the okra for far less time than the aunties will tell you to. It can stand to hold just a little crunch. A little vinegar added will help combat the mushiness. Amchur (dried mango powder) adds a lovely tangy element, balanced with green chilli and warming cumin and coriander. It's a dry braised "curry" of sorts.

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South Indian Crab Curry with a Twist – featured in Oprah Magazine

I was asked to contribute to the Summer Memories Food Section in the December issue of Oprah Magazine South Africa, featuring 6 food personalities. (I'm a food personality?!) I chose a South Indian Crab Curry, that despite the heat and complex spiciness, is one I always enjoy with my family during the summer December holidays, each year without fail. This is my version - inspired by my mother's Crab Curry and Rick Stein's Coconut Chilli Crab.

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