A Vegetarian’s Guide to Chennai, India

Chennai market  A return to the Motherland - Chennai, India. For TASTE Magazine.  It dawns on me at the Georgetown market in Chennai, that the locals find me perplexing. Amid ox-drawn carts piled with fresh vegetables, the vendors sit cross-legged in front of their tidily arranged wares, offering me a smile and a [...]

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Bharatanatyam in Chennai

Bharatanatyam in Chennai, Rhythm City The ancient art of classical Bharatanatyam dance has undergone a revival. Ishay Govender-Ypma returns to her ancestral roots in Chennai, India to explore further. For Singapore Airlines Priority Club magazine.  Her dark eyes are lined thickly in kohl, intimating the drama of a doe trapped in tragic light. She is [...]

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Chennai Food Guide

Chennai Food Guide  Formerly Madras, the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is known for its conservatism, fiery Chettinad curries, vegetarian thalis and milky Madras coffee. For Fine Dining Lovers It’s in Chennai that I start to appreciate the Asian preference for not just the savoury breakfast, but also the spicy one of idlis (fermented rice [...]

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Mumbai Street Food Guide

Mumbai Street Food Guide – Snacks & the City A diverse ethnic and cultural spread gives Mumbai its unique flavour. While the culinary trend is a growing high-end offering, Ishay Govender-Ypma got to grips with the city’s popular street food fare. For Etihad inflight mag Jan 2015  On the Road Gingerly, I step forward and [...]

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Food Travel Trends 2015

Food Travel Trends 2015 - the tastiest destinations this year We’ve got our eye on the following 8 regions for delicious plates of local fare. Some of it can be found at fine dining and award winning restaurants, innovative and crafty markets, and at bustling curb-sides with queues that stretch for blocks. From spiced pigeon [...]

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Goa – A Basic Guide

Goa - A Basic Guide Why Goa? The behemoth Indian subcontinent can take years, if not longer to get to grips with, to traverse and savour. In contrast, Goa, India’s smallest state allows you to cover its length in a day. That’s if you’re in a hurry. This article appeared in  The National By the time [...]

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Mumbai City Food Guide

Mumbai City Food Guide - a Selection of my Favourites snacks in Nariman Point Mumbai is, as author Suketu Mehta points out, a “maximum city”. The same applies to the taste profile from street food to international fine dining: bold, varied, endless, exacting, with an emphasis on maximum flavor. This Mumbai City Food Guide [...]

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The Interesting Journey of Curry

The Interesting Journey of Curry - how curry travelled the world Durban style crab and prawn curries For Sunday Times Extra, Sunday 14 June 2014 What constitutes an authentic curry? Every accomplished cook would like to believe that the curries, biryanis and soups served at home, recipes passed down from great-grandmothers or from [...]

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