20 Years of Democracy with I See a Different You

20 years of democracy: By focusing on themselves as subjects, ISADY is able to portray a normalcy to township life, a sense that people are thriving in Africa, and a beauty that is inviting.

Street Food Soweto Style

Street Food Soweto Style - with I See a Different You For SAA Mango Juice Inflight April 2014 Scroll down for page 2 Exploring Soweto for the finest street and traditional foods, in the company of local creatives I See a Different You, Ishay Govender-Ypma gets a taste for Johannesburg. Unless you are [...]

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Soweto Calling

Soweto Calling For PnP Travel Ideas Magazine March 2014 Soweto (South Western Townships), once dusty, desolate and submerged in poverty with a reputation for being dangerous, has blossomed with vibrancy and artistic vigour, a welcoming place containing some of the most important historical sites in South Africa. Soweto for Travel Ideas magazine   [...]

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I See a Different You – SCENE Magazine

I See a Different You - SCENE Magazine Published in SCENE Magazine, Feb 2014 I see a different you Three lads from Pimville, Soweto in Johannesburg, are slowly changing the way we view townships and African life, by creating stylized, sartorial visuals of themselves in ordinary settings. The portraits encapsulate their experience of [...]

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