Aboriginal Cooks on Bush Tucker

Wattleseeds Aboriginal cooks and chefs weigh in on the native ingredients made popular by famous restaurants in Australia. Written for Fine Dining Lovers, 1 June 2017. Rayleen Brown  A Café Up North At Kungas Can Cook, a café in Alice Springs serving food like burgers, salads, ice teas, pies and brownies, [...]

Perth Food Guide

Waterfront. Perth Food Guide. Perth, in Australia’s southwest, is said to be the most isolated city in the country.  It’s calm and laid back with a young but growing food scene. This Perth Food Guide was written for Fine Dining Lovers, 7 June 2017. American English used. Central Bites  Moana Coffee - [...]

Dim Sum Restaurants in South Africa

Yum Cha! Yum cha, or dim sum as it’s known in the West, refers to the act of taking tea. Here’s a countrywide dim sum restaurant round-up to satisfy your cravings for these moreish bites. Dim Sum Restaurants in South Africa, written by Ishay Govender-Ypma (@IshayGovender) for Financial Mail. Dim sum has its roots in the [...]

Pastéis de Nata

Portugal’s most famous dessert, the pastéis de nata or egg custard tarts are famous all around the world. But, there’s a secret recipe everyone wants... Written for  Fine Dining Lovers.   Pastéis de Nata I remember the first time I visited the district of Belém, a mere 10 kilometres outside Lisbon. We joined [...]

Lunch Box Treats for Elle SA

Lunch Box Treats for Elle SA Elle Magazine asked me to share some lunch box treats for balanced meals and an ice tea recipe. In the March 2014 issue of Elle SA, available now.   We're back to school and work, and the quest to prepare healthy meals after a holiday of overindulgence has commenced. [...]

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Rise of the Global Food Stars

Expats Creating Waves on the Food Scene This article was written for Etihad Inflight Magazine, December 2013 From Europe to Asia and beyond, expats are becoming the new culinary connoisseurs, working with locals and local produce to showcase the most delectable aspects of their new chosen lands to a curious tourist market. The rise of [...]

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Vietnamese Grilled Pork with Noodles (Bun Thit Nuong)

Vietnamese Grilled Pork with Noodles (Bun Thit Nuong) Serves 4-6  This dish, Vietnamese Grilled Pork is prepared on the streets throughout Vietnam, with slight regional recipe differences. Thin, fragrant pork slices are barbequed over coals and served over cold rice noodles with a spicy dressing.     I prepared this recipe for City Press iMag Ingredients  350 g pork [...]

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Spiced Okra with Tomato

The trick, I think is to cook the okra for far less time than the aunties will tell you to. It can stand to hold just a little crunch. A little vinegar added will help combat the mushiness. Amchur (dried mango powder) adds a lovely tangy element, balanced with green chilli and warming cumin and coriander. It's a dry braised "curry" of sorts.

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