Chicken Liver Pate Pinwheels with Medi Deli Tzatziki

This post forms part of the series of recipes I am preparing for Mediterranean Delicacies. It is a Food and the Fabulous Endorsed project and I will be remunerated for it.

I was given the challenge of preparing dishes with combinations chosen by Mediterranean Delicacies. For this recipe, their chicken liver pate peri-peri combined with their tzatziki. I must admit, I read the brief a few times to see if I’d made a mistake. I was stumped at first.

I knew I didn’t want to mix the two ingredients directly. Then the idea emerged: make the pate into a warm pastry wheel sprinkled with cayenne pepper and offset it with a cool, creamy dollop of tzatziki. The result: fun to serve and eat finger-food!

I am leaving Istanbul this morning, back to our base in Lisbon. It has been an incredibly rewarding, educational and delicious time spent on this side of Europe: Athens and Istanbul. I have met such warm people, tasted an incredible array of foods, some at the most authentic of locations run by the same families for generations. We have walked along ancient cobbled streets, gotten lost, satisfied our hunger with food from street carts, sat on benches absorbing the richness of architecture and contemplated the question we always ask when travelling “Could I live here?”

For the food alone, the answer is yes, probably. But, onwards we venture. I can’t wait to write about some of our experiences here in Istanbul as well as Athens and London before that.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!


20 cm length of puff pastry

1 tub Medi Deli Chicken Liver Pate Peri Peri

1 free-range egg yolk, beaten lightly with a fork

1/2 t cayenne pepper or paprika (optional)

To serve: 1 tub Medi Deli Tzatziki


Grease a baking tray and preheat oven to 200˚ Celsius.

Unroll the puff pastry and mark off and cut 20 cm length.

Spread the pate over the pastry

Roll tightly, but neatly into a mini swiss roll.

Cut into 1 cm disks with a sharp knife. Gently re-shape into cirlces.

Place on a plate and leave in fridge for 6 – 10 min to firm up.

Remove and brush with egg wash.

Bake on prepared baking tray for 10 minutes at 200 ˚Celsius and for a further 8-10 at 180 ˚ or until golden and cooked through.

Leave to cool slightly on tray, sprinkle cayenne pepper over and place on wire rack to cook completely.

Serve with Medi Deli Tzatiki.

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