Asian Style Ostrich – Seared Ostrich with Oyster Sauce, Red Chilli & Ginger on bed of Green Curry Noodles

seared ostrich in oyster sauce, red chilli and sesame seeds on bed of green curry asparagus egg noodles

I prepared this dish for Yuppie Chef’s Spatula magazine (other ostrich meat recipes to follow) and it’s the perfect meal to make to impress a someone special – the flavours are bound to capture attention. We’re speaking here of the zing of fresh ginger, the heat of chilli, the fresh burst of lime,  the saltiness of oyster sauce and the warm nuttiness of sesame seeds and sesame oil.

The green curry is it’s own melody of flavours balanced together in a creamy coconut milk sauce. I used asparagus for the curry, you could use whatever vegetable’s in season.

Ostrich, is South Africa’s pride and joy and a meat I’ve been cooking with since my late teens. Low in cholesterol and high in lean protein, it gets my vote year after year. I’ve made meatballs in a silky passata sauce, a smokey goulash as well as seared strips with cacao and served with caramelised onions and smoked cream cheese.

Ostrich meatballs in passata sauce

Smokey Ostrich Goulash- From Cape Town with love